Standard Features

LoadBoard, Billing, Custom Invoicing, Chassis Tracking, Scanning, Truck/Driver, Accounting Integration and more. The price is based on number of trucks and starts at $100/month


With Electronic Data Interchange, we set up the system to download the shipper's EDI file and use the file to update the system
(Add-on module)

Accounting Integration

Seamlessly integrates with major accounting software such as Quickbooks (Desktop & Online), Adagio, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.
(Part of standard features)


The drivers and the dispatchers can communicate in real-time. The drivers can scan BOL and obtain signatures on their smart phones.
(Add-on module)

Document Scanning

Store relevant documents for corresponding loads online. The scanned documents are available instanantly along with the load.
(Part of standard features)

Chassis Tracking

Chassis tracking will identify billing errors (such as duplicate billing), match rental to shipments, and do per-diem invoicing.
(Part of standard features)


Fuel Tax Reporting provides monthly and quarterly mileage reports for IFTA, NYHUT, and KYU. Integrates with PC Miler
(Add-on module)

Track & Trace

Accesses the shipper's website, scrapes the data. All container status in one place. Currently works as a stand-alone product.
(Add-on module)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a setup fee or deposit?

There is no setup fee or deposit. Just a simple low monthly payment, with no hidden fees whatsoever.

Is there a contract to sign?

There is no contract. You can terminate anytime by writing to us.

I have a contract with my provider, can you help me switch?

To help you switch, we offer our service for a fixed low nominal fee while you are still under your current provider's contract.

Can you provide references?

Absolutely. At the top of the site is a list of our customers; we can request them to talk to you regarding their experience with our product.

How can I get my data if I terminate the service?

We can give your data in Excel format. We can keep the sytem up as long as you want (for a minimal monthly fee) so that you can access historical data on demand

How long have you been in business?

We've been in business since 2008. Our customers from when we started are still with us, and the relationship is stronger than ever.

Do you do customization?

Yes, in most cases we can customize the product to meet you business needs.

How safe is my data?

Your data is very secure. We perform daily backups, replicating everything to a standby site. We also provide your data on demand whenever you need

Where is my data hosted?

Hosted on Google Engine and Amazon AWS. With servers on the East, West, and in the Midwest, data is at the location closest to your business, for fast access

How does your pricing work?

We have a flexible pricing based on nummber of active trucks/drivers with a fixed price for trucks over certain numbers. This helps you with the cost during lean times

More questions?

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The many benefits of TMS On Demand are:

Software as a Service: There is absolutely no upfront payment. Just like your utility bills, you pay low monthly fee. This covers the software cost, support, upgrades, training and customization.

Ease of Use: TMS On demand application is very flexible and easy to customize. You do not need to engage project managers and/or consultants to configure the application

IT Investment: TMS On demand model demands little in the way of IT staffing, hardware, and ongoing maintenance. Our solution lets business focus on their particular missions and leave the hosting, hardware, software, networking, helpdesk issues to us.

Free Upgrades: On demand model like ours do not require you to purchase costly patches or upgrades. Our upgrades are free and without interruptions.

Partnership and incentives: Since our software does not require any upfront payment and we depend on monthy service charges, we must constantly prove the value of our product. This gives us an incentive to provide you with the top level products and services.

Highly Secure: Because there is no software installed on user computers, the application is secure from virus and spyware attacks, hacking, computer crashes etc.

Customer Testimonials

Haven't Looked Back

TMS onDemand has completely changed the internal operation within my company. Its has simplified the process for me and my employees. Its a simple process from the load entry to invoicing. Anita will pretty much customize it to your needs. Haven't looked back since I signed up.. Plus how can you beat the price.

Matt Carroll, Carrol Trucking, Inc


TMS onDemand has completely changed the outlook of my business. It has allowed me to manage work load data more efficiently and effectively. The streamlined approach from order creation to billing is a game changer! I highly recommend TMS onDemand to any size full service drayage carrier.


Great software. It's very easy to use and manage to work on a day to day basis.

Amazing to keep everything up to date. Very easy to use, information does not go missing and the software does not slow down at all. Also, the availability of the support team to customize certain things in the software if needed depending on your business flow.

Dina H. US1 Intermodal LLC.

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